Feature Overview

  • The introductory page of a mobile app
  • Consists of a selection of chosen modules
  • Fully customizable title, excerpt and destination link
  • Possibility to accommodate up to 8 separate modules


The first screen a users sees once the onboarding process is completed. It consists of a multiple widgets of your choice (e.g. Reward module, News module, Coupons module, etc.) and an optional Homepage banner. You can choose up to 8 separate modules to display on the app's Homepage, you can add your own titles, excerpts and select destination links. 

Creating Homepage

  1. Select Content in the Main Menu
  2. Click Homepage within the Content section
  3. Click the + ADD NEW button
  4. You will see an empty homepage widget editor. To create a widget, fill in the fields as described below:

Asset type

There are two asset types to pick from. Half-size represents a tile that covers 50% width of the screen. Screen-wide is a full-width banner.  


Title will be displayed right below the picture of your choice, visible to all users. You may choose to use emojis, however, please note that there is a character limit. 


Short excerpt (also with a character limit) will be displayed right below the title. It should briefly explain to users what content to expect when they click the widget.


Adding an image is required, you can easily do so by simply clicking UPLOAD IMAGE. 

A dashed line shows you the part of the visual that will be displayed in the app. 

If you are no longer happy with the chosen visual, you are free to delete it or replace it with another image.


This section lets you choose destination link of the respective widget. Once you click the link icon, a link selection window will pop up. 

You can switch between tabs and select any destination link you desire. 

Do not forget to click Save to confirm your selection.