Feature Overview

  • Give your users extra motivation to use the loyalty system
  • Three types of quests available: Single Use, Renewable, Weekly Combo
  • Single Use quest can only be used by a user once
  • Renewable quest can be used multiple times, it renews at a set time
  • Weekly Combo rewards users once they complete certain activities (e.g. fuel up at Gas-N-Go and get 50 % more points)


Let your customers enjoy extra rewards once they complete certain activities. Make them come more often or remind them to engage with your loyalty program when needed by creating simple quests. 

Creating Quests

  1. Click Content in the Main Menu
  2. Select Quests
  3. Click the + ADD NEW button
  4. You will see an empty Quest editor. To create a new Quest, fill in the fields as described below step by step:

Quest type

Step 1 takes you to Quest type selection. You can choose to create the following types of quests: 

  • Single Use - can only be used by a user once; once used, the quest is inactive
  • Renewable - can be used multiple times and periodically renews at a set time
  • Weekly Combo - users get a special reward once they complete special activities (e.g. visit us 3x per week)

Quest name

Give the quest a short, catchy name so that your users get an idea of what they can achieve.

Quest description

Provide users with more details about how to get special reward.

Days till renewal

If you are creating a renewable quest, you need to specify when the quest needs to be renewed to be used again. 

Venue selection

It is possible to set a quest to certain venues only. You can do so by moving Venues from the left box to the right one, using the arrows in the middle of the screen.

Active toggle button

Toggle a switch to make your quest active (visible to the users) or inactive (only visible to you in the TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud).

Publishing Quests

To make your quest public, simply click the SAVE button. Alternatively, you can cancel it altogether by selecting CANCEL.