Feature Overview

  • A single-use offer displayed in the app for a specific amount of time 
  • Coupons need to be activated first to redeem rewards


With this kind of limited-time marketing offers, you are able to set start and end dates that mark the period when a customer can activate and redeem the coupon. Every coupon requires action from the user and includes a detailed description when clicked.

Creating Coupons

  1. Click Content in the Main Menu
  2. Select Coupons
  3. Click the + ADD NEW button
  4. You will see an empty coupon editor. To create a Coupon, fill in the fields as described below:


Title of your Coupon will be visible beside its main image to the whole/selected audience.


Once the user clicks a coupon, its detailed description opens. You can format the text using a simple text editor.

Thumbnail image

The very front image a user sees beside its title and period for which the coupon is valid. 

Full-screen image

A full-screen image displayed in the coupon detail, once the coupon is clicked.


It is possible to display your Coupon to all your users by selecting Entire audience. 

However, if you want to display Coupon to certain segments only, you need to pick Selected venues and then select individual audiences. 


It is important to specify the time range when your Coupon will be visible to users. It is possible to choose the start and end dates with respective time and time zone setting.

This setting will be shown right below the coupon's title, next to its thumbnail ima

Publishing Coupons

To make your coupon public, simply click the PUBLISH button. Alternatively, you can save your Coupon as draft and return to it later or cancel it altogether.