Feature Overview

  • Splitting up audiences into groups with common characteristics
  • Deliver more targeted and valuable messaging for each segment
  • Managed from the TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud


The module allows you to split your customers into several smaller groups (segments) based on their behaviour, characteristics, etc.

Splitting up audiences gives you an opportunity to target selected groups with precisely targeted communication.

Setting up a new segment

  1. Click CRM in the Main Menu
  2. Select Segments
  3. Click the + ADD NEW button
  4. You will see an empty segment editor. To create a Segment, fill in the fields as described below:


Choose a short, descriptive name of your segment.


For your own reference only. 


  • Internal - created automatically by TRIFFT (e.g. new users, all users)
  • Custom - static segment created by a customer (manually or imported)
  • Dynamic - segmentation in real-time, with members remaining in the segment until their behaviour changes (e.g. customers who bought Pepsi at least once in 3 month placed in Pepsi lovers segment)


Public segments are visible to members in app/on web and Members can self-register to these “topics”.

Do not forget to save your changes. 

Once saved, your newly created segment will appear in the Segment list (with 0 members):

Adding members to segment

To add segment members manually, click the + ADD MEMBERS button in the Members tab of the segment editor.

A pop-up window will appear with a list of members to select from. To add a member to your segment, simply click + at the end of a row. When you're done adding new members, click CLOSE.